Valuable! Fishing experience on a fishing boat!

Depart on a fishing boat! It feels like a fisherman ♪

Stained glass making experience

Let’s make only one original stained glass in the world !

Cooking experience

Challenge the original recipe using fish caught in Shinminato and features!

Dressing experience

You can wear a kimono from the Taisho era to the Showa era.

「Okigaedokoro KIPPO」

If you find your favorite among more than 100 kimonos, you can complete the dressing in just 10 minutes. It’s okay to go empty-handed, so it’s okay for tourists who come casually!!
Take a walk in Uchikawa with a kimono

Enjoy the “Banya Cafe”, which is a renovated old shipping wholesaler along the river, and the “uchikawa Rokkakudo” cafe, which used to be a tatami mat house.

「uchikawa Rokkakudo」

It is an old folk house cafe over 70 years old that was a former tatami mat shop. The old-fashioned exterior that blends into the cityscape and the modern, stylish interior of the store.
We offer a menu of ingredients that do not contain preservatives or chemical seasonings as much as possible.
Seasonal experience plan at a “Restaurant Sankaku”Original cuisine x tatami room experience with seaside folk songs

A plan where you can experience Shinminato’s seasonal dishes and the former “Ozashiki” at a long-established store founded in the 2nd year of the Meiji era.

「Restaurant Sankaku」

The Shinminato / Tatemachi area was once a “Yukaku” area, and many snacks and cooking restaurants stillremain.
Among them, “Restaurant Sankaku”, which was founded in 1897, conveys the prosperity of Shinminato and the culture of the fisherman’s town.
(The building was renovated around 1954)